Many of my clients who are living in their homes while trying to sell can be hesitant to start packing their belongings until they have a contract on their home.   Some are worried that it may take a while to sell, and if they pack something away and then need it, it will be difficult to find.   Others just figure they’ll do all of their packing once they are closer to their move.    My suggestion:   You’re going to have to pack it anyway at some point, so why not start packing early and de-clutter your home at the same time!!

Ask yourself:   “Are there things in my home that I keep, but don’t use regularly?”   “Are there things I’ve put away and haven’t used since I moved in?!”    If you answer “yes” to either of those questions, consider a few options:

·         Hold a garage sale to earn a few extra bucks selling some of your stuff!

·         Consider donating or throwing things away!

·         Start packing!!!

Potential homebuyers are looking for spaciousness in a home, and storage space is important.   If you rid yourself of items no longer used, or pack belongings early, you will accomplish a few things:

·         You will be removing personal items and clutter which could be distractions for buyers when viewing your home.

·         You will literally clear the way for buyers to see the square footage of your home, and not your personal belongings.

·         You will also help yourself by packing and discarding things ahead of time.   Moving can be a stressful time in our lives, so being proactive can help relieve some of that stress!

Happy Packing!!!