I am asked this question fairly often, and my answer is yes!  Here are some reasons why:

·         Homebuyers are aspirational  – they buy how they want to live!

·         If there is no furniture in key rooms, homeowners struggle to correctly judge room sizes and rooms may appear smaller to them.

·         Buyers need to be shown how each space will function for them.   If they can’t visualize it because the rooms are empty, they may not understand the potential functions for the rooms and conclude that the house doesn’t meet their needs.

·         Buyers will more frequently notice small imperfections in a vacant home, as there is nothing else on which to focus.

·          Empty homes may appear cold and uninviting, and they don’t encourage buyers to linger.

·         Lastly, a vacant home may signal to a homebuyer that the seller is desperate to sell, and may result in lower offers.

I’ve attached a few photos of a recent vacant staging project to demonstrate the difference in appearance of the rooms.   Feel free to contact us for more information about vacant staging!!