I love all things home décor, I’m guilty.  My idea of fun on a Saturday is exploring at my favorite Homegoods, At Home, or Kirkland’s stores … can you relate?   I love to decorate my own home and I truly feel like my home is my happy place.  I love it to be comfortable, cozy, warm and welcoming for both myself and guests. I was trying to think back to how long I’ve felt this way and realize there’s definitely been a progression in my life and it all started with my childhood bedroom.   When I was pretty young, my Dad built an addition onto our tiny home which resulted in adding 3 bedrooms and a family room.  I am the oldest of three girls and was fortunate enough to call one of these bedrooms my own.  While I was sometimes a little envious that my younger sisters, Susan and Michelle, could stay up and talk or play together in their room, I enjoyed having my own room.  I spent a lot of time there talking on the phone with friends, reading books, and watching TV.   All of those things contributed to it being my happy place, but let’s talk about the décor … and remember this was in the 70’s and 80’s … ugh.

My walls were mint-green and I had a “matching” two-toned green shag rug that had both mint and avocado green colors in it!  I shudder at it now, but I loved it back then.  Add in a canopy bed with pretty bedding/pillows and a few other furniture pieces and wall shelves.   Everything about it was me back then and I just loved to spend time there, either alone or with my sisters and friends.   My Mom will tell you that I didn’t necessarily keep it neat all the time, but I tried.   Sometimes I would get bored with the décor and would change little things, like removing the canopy and posts from the bed, moving furniture around, or just adding a lovely quilt sewed by my Mom for my sweet sixteenth birthday.   In reflecting about this, I realized that I truly started thinking about home as my happy place way back then, and it still sticks with me today.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on my happy places (homes) as I’ve grown and thanks for indulging me on reminiscing today.

If you’d like help in refreshing your home décor to make it your happy place, contact me for help!  Email:  Jeanne@Graciouslysimple.com or call (770) 366-2408.

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4 thoughts on “How my love of home started with a two-toned green shag rug …

  • October 4, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I remember the green rug! Sue and I were so envious of your room!! Great memories 🙂

  • October 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    I remember that happy place well, Jeanne! So lovely how you shared about it here.
    You still have quite the knack for making a room feel homey.

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