I was recently reflecting on how happy I am to have become a Certified Staging Professional® and what inspired me to do so.   A potential future home stager who had registered for a home staging certification program contacted me to ask me about the program from which I received my training and certification.   I think she could hear the excitement in my voice as I shared information about the classes!!   Anyway, it got me thinking about how I got here …

I have purchased a few homes, and have always loved house-hunting.   I would go looking at homes for hours on end if I could!   I noticed that when I was house-hunting, or even when I’m looking at homes for sale on TV, my mind starts to think about how well the house appeals to targeted buyers, what looks good, and what could be better.   I start a little checklist in my mind while my eyes are taking everything in.

I’ve always loved HGTV shows, especially the real estate shows, such as House Hunters, Property Virgins, Flip or Flop, etc.   I’m also a native of New England, the Boston area specifically, and I’ve gotten hooked on the show “Flipping Boston” which is a show that follows the comical owners of CItylight Homes as they flip and sell homes.   I love watching their transformations, and later the staging for open house day.   One of the business owners Pete Souhleris’ wife, Desi does a great job staging; I admire her taste.  Check them out on “Flipping Boston,” or at their website www.citylighthomes.com.

Of course I also love to shop for home décor accessories, wall art, bedding, furniture, etc.   In fact, it barely feels like a job when I’m shopping for a home staging project!   I love to see a room come together, and show in its best light to targeted buyers.

Lastly, I’ve reflected on the friends and family who inspired and supported me in becoming a home stager – you know who you are and I couldn’t have done it without you!!

For more information on home staging, please contact me via email at Jeanne@graciouslysimple.com , or call (770) 366-2408.