When providing a staging consultation, showcasing, or vacant staging services for your home, I complete research to understand the demographics of the neighborhood, and the targeted potential buyers to whom we want to market.   There are many ways I will do this research, one of which is by asking you, the homeowner, questions about who you think the targeted buyers are.   But I won’t stop there … I am thorough! J

I use various online tools to research the area demographics, and also the knowledge of the realtor, to develop a targeted marketing plan to stage your home.   One example of a chart showing household income levels for a specific zip code is shown below, courtesy of the website Movato.   This is only one example of many components I can use to understand the demographics of the area.  A few others include: household size (# living in home), ages, education levels, employment status, gender, etc.

Can there by more than one type of buyer that may be targeted in the neighborhood?  Yes, there can, but I will do the research on that, and will make staging decisions and recommendations that will not exclude any of the targeted buyers.

In order to sell your home, we need to enable potential homebuyers to visualize themselves living in the home.   We’re selling a lifestyle, not just walls with a roof overhead.

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