How important do you think it is for a home to be appealing to targeted buyers when it is viewed on the internet or at a showing?   The answer:  Very Important!   In this day and age where so much is available to consumers at the touch of their fingertips via technology, nine out of ten homebuyers rely on the internet as one of their primary search sources, and over 50% turn to the web as their first step.    Homebuyers are using online tools such as YouTube, brokerage websites, Google Video, etc, to search for homes, and they are making decisions on whether or not they could envision themselves living in a home in a few simple moments based on what they see in a video or pictures.   That’s why it is critical for a seller to ensure his/her home shows well and generates interest for potential buyers.   A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words!

Staged homes have been proven to sell faster and with higher equity, so home staging services are definitely a worthy investment for a seller.   Home Stagers can help sellers put their home in its best light to be listed.

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