Hi All, I’m sharing some tips today on choosing area rugs that will be placed in a home with dogs and/or cats.  I recently got this question from a friend who has 2 dogs, Sophia and Maggie (see their photo below!), and thought others would also benefit from this information.

Nowadays, many homeowners have replaced at least portions of their home’s flooring with hardwood, tile, or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring, rather than having an entire house with wall-to-wall carpeting (LVPs are trending now so this will be another post for another day).  The flooring choices are beautiful, but often times we choose to warm up and define certain spaces with an area rug.  For example, I have area rugs under my dining room table and in my family room within the seating area.  So how does this relate to our furry best friends, you ask?!!   Well, check out these suggestions when choosing an area rug in your home with pets, and while doing so, enjoy these photos of pets owned by my family members.

1.      Rugs made of wool (natural) and nylon (synthetic) fibers are among the most resilient and durable options for homes with pets.

2.      Avoid choosing a rug that has some sort of material glued to the back of the rug.  Urine can soak through the glue and create a permanent odor.

3.      Opt for cut pile rugs vs. loop pile (so your pets don’t get their claws caught) and choose a lower pile so that they can’t dig their claws in the rug.  Also stay away from fringe or other decorative extras hanging off the rug.  Unfortunately pets may try to eat the hanging décor.

4.      If your pet sheds a lot, choose rugs with a colorful busy pattern.  This should de-emphasize stains or your pets’ shed fur.  Consider your pet’s fur color when choosing a rug color also.  If your pet has white fur, you don’t want to choose a dark-colored rug.

5.      Over and over again I have heard that outdoor rugs are a good option to use indoor in homes with pets.   They’re designed to hold up to weather and more harsh cleaning tactics.  I’ve captured a photo below of the outdoor rug that I currently have on my patio.  It would make a pretty indoor rug too, don’t you think?

I offer redesign and home décor shopping services.  If you need help finding an area rug, contact me for help at Jeanne@GraciouslySimple.com.  I hope you found these tips helpful.   All this writing about pets is making me think of adding a furry friend to my home (probably a cat) … I’ll keep you posted on that …

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