Should Home Sellers Stage their Vacant Homes?

I am asked this question fairly often, and my answer is yes!  Here are some reasons why: ·         Homebuyers are aspirational  – they buy how they want to live! ·         If there is no furniture in key rooms, homeowners struggle to correctly judge room sizes and rooms may appear smaller to them. ·         Buyers need to be shown how each space will function for them.   If they can’t visualize it

Light Scents Appropriate for Staging

When I came home this evening, I decided to light my newly-purchased Yankee Candle:   Pumpkin Pie flavor!   As I briefly departed my home to walk to the mailbox, and then re-entered, I immediately breathed in the lovely scent wafting through my rooms! So, because home staging is never far from my mind, it reminded me how important the smell of a home is to potential buyers. Here are some suggested