Granite? Quartz? Marble? Polished? Honed? Leathered? Lots of great information on types and variations of stone countertops at our recent RESA chapter meeting … Can I just tell you all again how awesome it is to be part of the Real Estate Staging Association’s (RESA) local chapter?   Our members meet monthly at various businesses that can support our home staging businesses, to advance our education and excellence in home staging.  Our recent April meeting was held at a local granite, stone, and marble company and it was sooooo awesome to look at all of the pretty countertop options!   Let me know if you’d like more information on RESA, but you can also check out their website here.

Now, on to the fun stuff … As you may know, many homeowners update their kitchens with stone countertops, often granite, and home buyers will be looking for these updates, especially in certain price-points in the market.  For example, let’s say you’re selling a home in the Atlanta area within the $250k-$300k price range.  If you don’t have updated countertops in your kitchen, you’re going to be losing out on pricing your home higher and selling it for more $$.  In this particular price range, I can provide recommendations for specific neutral-color granite countertops that won’t break the bank, but will be a great investment in selling your home for top dollar.  Contact me or comment on this blog post for more information!

Now if a home is selling in a higher price-point than what I mentioned above, I may recommend stone countertops (if the home doesn’t already have updated countertops) that would be comparable to what other homes in that price-point have been selling with and what those buyers will expect if paying top dollar.  It could be a higher-end granite, or maybe quartz or marble. Again, it all depends on the price-point and what those buyers are expecting.  I do my homework and research all of this for the home sellers, so let me know if I can help you, even if you’re not planning to sell for a while, but are in the process of updating your countertops.  It’s always good to consider resale value while preparing to enjoy your home updates.

Of course I must share all the pretty pictures from the warehouse tour during our meeting … there are so many beautiful options!

Meet Jennifer – our fabulous tour guide!

Applying a template to a slab for cutting!

A few popular options:


Leathered Granite – Interesting Texture!

Lots of “movement” on this slab!

View of all the pretty slabs and lots of options from various suppliers!



Please let me know if I can help you with preparing your home for sale, or with simply refreshing some of your spaces for living!